Official Scoring In The Big Leagues: Now Available For Purchase Via The Internet

Official Scoring in the Big Leagues

Official Scoring in the Big Leagues is the definitive work of what Major League Baseball Official Scorers do and why they do it. It is now available for purchase on the world wide web – via eBay.

Included in its nine chapters is the history of official scoring, a primer on how to keep score, the importance of awareness, communication, and observation on official scoring, the role of baseball statisticians, and instructions on how to fill out baseball forms. It also includes lists of perfect games, no-hitters, and World Series official scorers.

Unlike other books available on the subject, this one was written by an expert in the field. Bill Shannon was a sports historian, reporter, author, and for the last four decades an Official Scorer in New York for both the Mets and Yankees. At the time of his death last October, Mr. Shannon was considered to be the best one of the best Official Scorers in all of Major League Baseball.

To purchase, please click here.


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